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F A Q ' s

1. Why choose ‘Sperry Tents Australia’?


Experience and reputation – Sperry Tents Australia has an established reputation for excellence, professionalism and reliability.  The owners have over 7 years’ experience creating outdoor weddings & events.  Our business continues to flourish through word of mouth, recommendation & an incredible product.


On-call – Living in the Byron Shire with our warehouse in Newrybar we are usually never more than 10 minutes away from any of the local venues in Byron Bay.  If the wind picks up or the rain starts falling and you want us to adjust the side walls of tent we can be there straight away.  Our crew are all local and by hiring from Sperry Tents Australia you are supporting the Byron Bay greater community.


Price competitive – We are the only Sperry Tent company in the Northern NSW and our focus is to service Northern Rivers & Gold Coast weddings & events.  By staying local, we can remain competitive and run a sustainable & green business.  We provide the highest level of service, advice and experience.  Let’s face it, it’s your wedding or event day and you deserve the peace of mind and ultimate experience. 


Essential back-up –

We have a comprehensive stock of back-up kit and we always hold spare tipis and equipment in reserve. 



2. We are not from Byron Bay or the Gold Coast, can you recommend a venue?


Absolutely! There are so many beautiful venues in the Northern Rivers & Gold Coast.  Whether you are seeking a 5 star Resort, luxury estate, a hinterland house with ocean views or a local hall we have an extensive list of tent friendly venues and are happy to work with you to find your ideal location.   


3. We are real foodies, can you recommend a caterer?


Yes, we can!  Byron Bay & the Gold Coast has some of the best event caterers in the whole of Australia.  Using fresh, local and seasonal produce with a touch of love, get ready for a sensory explosion of colour, creativity and flavour. 



4. We haven’t engaged a wedding or event planner –

what are your top tips for planning your own wedding or event?


Wedding and Event planners are worth their weight in gold.  Planning your own wedding or event can be overwhelming and stressful – by choosing a Byron Bay or Gold Coast planner you can eliminate all of the worry whilst taking advantage of local knowledge. 


If you do decide to DIY your own wedding or event, here are our top tips to consider - 


When choosing a venue make sure you choose one that has a flat grassy area big enough for the number of tents you will require. 

You may also need to consider room for a catering tent, a generator and portable luxury loos if they are not provided. 

These costs can add up so don’t rule out paying more upfront for a venue that has it included in the cost.


When choosing a caterer tell them what you would like to spend per head and see if they can design a menu around your budget. 

Most caterers will allow you to do a tasting which is a great way to sample the food before you commit.


When choosing a florist, discuss with them what will be in season at the time of your wedding so they can source locally.  Sometimes the flowers have travelled further to get here than your guests.


Get to know your vendors.  The team you choose to create your special day will bend over backwards to make it the best day of your life.  Byron Bay and the Gold Coast are the leading destination wedding hot spots in Australia for not only its beauty but the incredibly passionate and creative peeps that make up the wedding industry. 

We love what we do and we do it with a smile.


Take out wedding or event insurance as soon as you start booking suppliers – for peace of mind you want to make sure you are covered for cancellation or postponement.  Coverage needs to include cancellation by the venue, your suppliers, sickness or injury and severe weather.


Our final ‘on the day tip’ is to relax, breath & radiate.

After months of planning it’s your time to shine and enjoy each other, your guests and our Sperry Tents.



5. What size tent will I need?


The size of your tent will depend on a number of factors including;

- Number of Guests

- Is it cocktail or seated

- Will you have the sides rolled up or down.

- What additional furniture you would like inside the Sperry Tents (ie. Dance Floor, Bar, Casual Seating, Lounge Seating). 


Our expert sales co-ordinators will be able to assist with selecting the right size tent for your event.

Please visit FLOOR PLANS or design your own TENT LAYOUT seating arrangements.



6. Will you do a site visit before we book, what does it entail?


Yes, if you are holding your wedding on a private property or a venue that we have not set up at before then we will go out and do a no-obligation site visit.  If you are an interstate or international customer we can make arrangements with the owners/management to conduct it on your behalf.


We will check the land size and ensure that it is flat ground.  Our tents are peg and pole which means they can only be set up on grass or sand.  We will check the access for our vehicle and trailer and make sure that there are no overhead poles or interfering trees, or hard structures etc.


7. How do the Sperry Tents stand up to rain and wind?


Our tents are completely waterproof. If it has rained for a couple of days leading up to your event we can place a waterproof membrane under our flooring to stop any excess water coming through the matting. If winds are forecast we will lower the side walls of the tent towards the prevailing winds. 


Contact our sales team for specific wind ratings for each tent.


Our Operations Team will start monitoring the weather 1 week out from your event and assist you if you need to activate a wet weather plan or evacuation regulations for destructive winds.



8. Do you provide power for the tents?


No, we do not provide power.  Most venues will have the mains that we can plug our lighting into or alternatively we can guide you on a generator.  The size of generator required will depend on your overall power requirements, but we will work this out for you.  Alternatively, if you would like to make your own arrangements for power, we are happy to advise you on our requirements, which would include having a power source within 30 metres of the edge of the tents.



9. Do you provide heating in winter or fans in summer?

Yes. We can supply both outdoor open log fires that create a warming ambience or alternatively, you can  hire gas heaters for extra warmth in winter. 

In summer, if it is going to be particularly hot we can install fans inside the canopy.



10. Do you provide furnishings and styling?


We can supply a wide range of furnishings, including tables, seating, bars, dance floors and lighting.  If you require more involved styling we can recommend some fantastic stylists who are experienced in working on Sperry Tent events.



11. Can you help me with the layout of furniture inside the tents?

Yes. We can design a bespoke floor plan to show you the layout on the day. You can also use the Icovia Sperry Tent floor planner program on the website, to create your very own personalised floor plan.



12. What is the flooring like inside the Sperry Tents?

We use a natural fleck woven matting that is nailed into the earth and  is completely high-heel proof.



13. Do you provide Glamping Accommodation?

Yes we do. We partner with Byron Bay Glamping to provide a range of different sized bell tents to create a romantic Bridal Boudoir or an entire Glamping Village. 



14. Do I need event insurance?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you purchase event insurance from a reputable insurer.

It is extremely important that you seek the advice from a professional.



15. What is the Damage Waiver?

It’s a convenient way for you to cover loss or accidental damage to our Sperry Tents during your event. 

It means that you won’t have to pay a premium for this part of your event insurance. 

For a full explanation, please refer to our TERMS & DAMAGE WAIVER



16. Does paying the Damage Waiver mean we don’t need separate insurance cover?

No.  Our Damage Waiver only covers loss or accidental damage to our Sperry Tents and equipment. 

You will need separate cover for things like third party liability and cancellation.



17. We opted out of event insurance and our event was cancelled due to extreme weather.

Are we able to get a refund?

No.  We recommend you take out an event insurance policy that covers you in the event of cancellation or postponement. Please seek the advice of an event insurance specialist.



18. How long is the hire period for?

The usual hire period is 48 hours.  We usually set up the Sperry Tents one or two days before your event and take them down one or two days after.  We are happy to extend the hire period, if required.  Set up and take down dates are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and this will be discussed with you when a booking is made.  Please contact our events team who will be happy to talk this through with you.



19. How do I book the Sperry Tents for my wedding?

If you are happy with your quotation and would like to proceed with a booking, then we will send you an invoice. 

We request a 25% deposit to secure the booking with the balance payable 28 days prior to your wedding day. 

20. Can I adjust the seating numbers once I have booked?

Yes, this is not a problem.  You can always amend the number of seats and tables you require after you have booked and in line with your final guest numbers.


 21. What is your cancellation policy?

Once we have received your deposit payment, your booking is confirmed. There is a 7 days cooling off period. After this time, your deposit is non-refundable. Full payment is required 28 days prior to your event date. We do not accept cancellations within this last 28 days period.


22. I still have a question that you’ve not answered above. What do I do?

Please give us a call or send an email.  We’d be delighted to help with any of your unanswered questions.

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